for all subcontractors working for Square Set Linings.

It is your duty as a subcontractor to fulfill your responsibilities. If you are a new subcontractor please fill out the online form for new subcontractors.

Please download the “Subbies Pack here”

You must ensure you have all of the following items up to date and available at all times:

  1. Current OHS Blue or White card (Must be carried at all times)
  2. Current personal accident insurance or Work Cover Policy (You are not permitted to work without this). If you don’t have it please follow the website link here ( to get it quickly online or open a work cover policy.
  3. First Aid Kit (All subcontractors must carry a first aid kit in their vehicle at all times)
  4. Minimum required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – MUST carry in the vehicle at all times.
  • Hard Hat
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Steel Cap Boots
  • Long Pants
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Ear Muffs, Dust Mask & Medium Impact Safety Goggles (Not Sunglasses) – To be used when required.

NB: There is strictly a no smoking policy on all Square Set Linings job sites.

Remember Think First, Think SAFE!

Occasionally on various construction sites such as schools, you will be required to fill out additional forms. They are located here.

Police Check Forms

National Police Check Application Form
PED Form (Police Check)

New/Existing Subcontractors

Add or update your details here.

This must be filled out prior to starting. If you don’t have insurance follow this link (

Please download our starter pack and read the company information.

The starter pack has information on how to invoice us. In the starter pack it has a template for a tax invoice. Please follow this procedure and wording as invoices that don’t will not be processed.

All invoices are to be accompanied by this online timesheet which must be filled out. This helps us allocate expenditures.